Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 20

Alice in Wonderland

Pähler Schlucht

I thought that natural forests no longer exist in the rural Germany. But how wrong was I! Having stumbled upon one just recently, I felt like being Alice from Wonderland, who fell through the rabbit hole. One minute we are standing on the crowded parking lot of the Pähler Golf Club, and the next minute …

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May 18

Optimisation of parenthood?

Fetching flowers

As a mom from two young, adorable children, I am experiencing almost daily situations when both children need my undivided attention. It can be that the children come into a quarrel or a fight about something, and there you are standing helpless, not knowing who started it, and who did what. Or it can be …

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May 05

My place on earth?

Every once in a while, I get overwhelmed with the question whether we all have a place of our own in this world, and what makes this place feel like home compared to any other? Is it the culture, to which you feel connected to? Is is the city or village in which you live …

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