Aug 04

A blogging mom

My efforts of getting my blog up-and-running keeps hitting against reality. Today I had the brilliant idea of “just quickly” writing a new blog post in the day time. This is how it turned out:

  • 14:45 Create title and 1st sentence. Get interrupted from child no 1 about playing time. Play with child.
  • 16:25 Sit down by the laptop, collect your thoughts, get down a few sentences. Get interrupted by bathroom-visiting child no 2. Only mom’s help is accepted. Go to bathroom, after which playing time is demanded. Play with child no 2.
  • 16:50 Remember again that there was this thing with the blog. No time to start with it, though, as the children keep being on each others throats and your diplomatic skills are needed.
  • 17:10 Put child no 1 bathing. Juggle between laptop and the shouts which can be heard from the bathroom. After a while, give up on blogging and concentrate on washing the childs hair.
  • 17:35 Back to blogging. Realise that the favicon has dissappeared. Try to figure out what has happend. Get interrupted by child no 2 wanting to bath. Juggle between laptop and bathroom for another 20 min, get nowhere with the blog nor the favicon-problem. Wash child no 2’s hair. Clean up bathroom floor which has by now been overfloaded with water from the bathtub.
  • 17:55 Realise that it is dinner time and nothing has been prepared. Postpone any thoughts about blogging and start preparing dinner. Get the idea about this blog post while making dinner.
  • 18:20 Put on TV to get some peace & silence. Write a few lines. Give up trying to figure out what the problem with the favicon is and concentrate on the blog post.
  • 18:35 Cannot figure out why the posts are not published via Facebook. Trying to get it fixed.
  • 18:45  Get interrupted by the children’s bed time. Evening milk, teeth brushing, pyjamas, bed reading and snuggling. Now good night, you two, I’ve got some blogging to do.
  • 20:00 Children in bed. Continue with blog. Realise that two bills are overdue. Interrupt in order to pay bills.
  • 20:30 Realise that the garden needs watering and laundry needs to be hung up for drying. Water garden & hang up the clothes.
  • 21:30 Back to the laptop. Get lost in the world of facebooking, newspaper reading, email reading. In the mean time, my favicon has magically re-appeared.
  • 23:37 Bed time. Realising that the blog-window is still open when about to switch off the laptop. Finalise blog post
  • 23:45 Publish post. Go to bed.


In short: major stress, no efficiency. I think I will go back to blogging whenever the kids are not around…