May 20

Alice in Wonderland

I thought that natural forests no longer exist in the rural Germany. But how wrong was I! Having stumbled upon one just recently, I felt like being Alice from Wonderland, who fell through the rabbit hole. One minute we are standing on the crowded parking lot of the Pähler Golf Club, and the next minute we find outselves deep in a mystified forest, full of fascinating stories and creatures beyond your imagination!

Pähler Schlucht

Pähler Schlucht2

Pähler Schlucht4

What a wonderful way to introduce our kids to the joy of hiking! Not once was it necessary to convince them to continue walking by offering the usual bribing suspects as cookies etc. Instead, we created a lot of fun stories about who might be living in what hole, and who might be lurking around what tree.

Pähler Schlucht3

Pähler Schlucht5

Pähler Schlucht6

That the hiking ended to a beautiful waterfall, was surprisingly not the highlight for the children. Actually, they would have preferred to continue exploring the forest right away, and were taken back by us “boring” adults, who wanted to make a break.

Pähler Schlucht8 Pähler Schlucht7

It once again proved the fact as it is so often with children is, that the joy is found in the small things – in those which are no longer visible for us adults.