Jul 26


I couldn’t be more proud of myself – I just managed to create a favicon for my blog! It’s one of those small cute little icons which shows next to your blog title in the browser window. Everyone else seems to have one, and so was I! And fully determined to get my blog finally up and running, that it what I set myself up to do.

I know this might seem silly for some, but I was really struggling to get it uploaded. To create the favicon was rather easy, as there are many favicon-generators out there. But the problems started, when I wanted to upload the favicon-file via FileZilla. Ok, I have to admit, I am just a rookie on these things, but from where I am standing, things would be a lot easier, if the “root directory” would actually be called “root folder”? Because that is what it really is; a folder, where all the wp-content is. So once I figured that out (thanks to WordPress’s support forum :)), then the rest was pretty easy. Drag-and-drop the file into the root directory; copy-paste the code into the header.php in the back-end; save and refresh… Et voila, my tiny cute favicon is there for all the world to see. ;-)