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Aug 21

Stuck at home

The episode with the broken smartphone, part deux… Now, the two weeks of radio silence that followed by having a broken smart phone was not the worst part of it all. During this time, I actually managed to misplace the phone’s memory card! No memory card means no contacts, no music, no photos – no …

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Aug 19

Radio silence

My phone broke down a few weeks back. All of a sudden the touch screen didn’t react to anything any longer, which meant that I couldn’t even backup my data. Argh! But luckily I still had a few weeks left of the warranty, so I marched into a phone store the very next day to …

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Aug 04

A blogging mom

My efforts of getting my blog up-and-running keeps hitting against reality. Today I had the brilliant idea of “just quickly” writing a new blog post in the day time. This is how it turned out: 14:45 Create title and 1st sentence. Get interrupted from child no 1 about playing time. Play with child. 16:25 Sit …

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Jul 31

New theme

…so I tried out a new theme today, Graphene. It seems really cool and it comes with a bunch of ready installed features which makes it easy to use and to play around with. What do you think so far? Stay tuned for the following days when I try to customize it to look more …

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Jul 26


I couldn’t be more proud of myself – I just managed to create a favicon for my blog! It’s one of those small cute little icons which shows next to your blog title in the browser window. Everyone else seems to have one, and so was I! And fully determined to get my blog finally …

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May 05

My place on earth?

Every once in a while, I get overwhelmed with the question whether we all have a place of our own in this world, and what makes this place feel like home compared to any other? Is it the culture, to which you feel connected to? Is is the city or village in which you live …

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