Aug 03

Crocosmia Montbretie

Our garden is, what some people might call (including ourselves!), a never-ending project…

Regardless of the fact that we have now lived in this place for almost 5 years (or maybe because of it), we are still unhappy with how our garden looks like. Or at least parts of it. Especially one corner in the garden, or better said, one 4meter-long-wall causes me headache, because it still looks uncomplete and completely not taken care of. And it’s not even a hidden corner in the back on the garden, but no, it is the “prime” part of the garden, the part which you see when you look out from our living room!

But I have to admit: I am not one who loves to spend every free minute poking around in the garden. Don’t get me wrong now; I like being there, and I also like gardening! But with the limited hours of leisure time one has, gardening is not always my priority no. 1. I guess you get my point.

Today, as on every Saturday, my hubbie and I plunged through our weekend to-do’s. This varies from Saturday to Saturday, but always includes at least the mandatory pit-stop at the grocery store. Today, various things from the  hardware store was also on the list. And here in Germany those places almost always include also a gardening department… Dangerous! So anyway, here we were, just about to pay our purchases and leave, when I spotted a woman paying for a plant that she had chosen. OMG! I just had to get one of those plants too! So while my hubbie collected all our purchases and our kids, and started walking towards the parking lot, I dashed back into the store searching for THE plant. And hah, there they were! After a lenghty counselling with the store assistant (me: are they hardy? she: yes, they are. me: thank you!), I was back at the cashier in less than 5 minutes.

My son even insisted on carrying the plants into the car for me.

son with montbretie

And now, 12 hours later, the simple thought of these plants still makes me smile, and I cannot wait to get my hands dirty tomorrow when digging them into the soil. In our prime area!

Montbretia crocosmia

Sometimes a small thing is all that is needed, to make ones day.