May 05

My place on earth?

Every once in a while, I get overwhelmed with the question whether we all have a place of our own in this world, and what makes this place feel like home compared to any other?

Is it the culture, to which you feel connected to? Is is the city or village in which you live in? Is is the language? Is it the friends? Or work? The house, in which you live in?

I believe it is all of the above. And that there is not only one place where we can be happy and grow roots. Life takes us places when we keep an open mind, and looking back, you will all of a sudden discover that you have grown roots to a place without realising it. The place, where life by accident took you, has become your home.

Personally, life took me to south of Germany more than 10 years ago. As with many who have an equal faith, it was a sum of many factors that took me here. I happened to meet a guy, who happened to be german, and who happened to get joboffer in Germany, and it happened to be a in city, where I happened to have friends of my own. And all this happened, when I happened to be particularly open-minded towards living abroad.

Since then, I have gone through many phases of cultural adjustments, and taking many dives on the way, but I have also learned a lot and grown as a person. Now, looking back, I can no longer say in which country I feel more like home. Is it when I fly “home” to Finland, or rather when I fly back to Germany, to my current “home”? Will I always be torn between these two countries, never fully finding happiness or roots in neither one of the places?

And what happens in the after life? Which country will get my remains?

Where will I not be forgotten?