Aug 19

Radio silence

My phone broke down a few weeks back. All of a sudden the touch screen didn’t react to anything any longer, which meant that I couldn’t even backup my data. Argh! But luckily I still had a few weeks left of the warranty, so I marched into a phone store the very next day to get it fixed & rebooted, even with the risk of losing all data. Little hope did I have that they would actually fix it within the warranty, but hey, it was worth a try.

So for the next two weeks I was enjoying radio-silence while having an old-fashioned mobile phone in use, without internet, games, apps etc. And it was actually very relaxing! And a very good exercise because I realized that suddenly I had time to do all sorts of things! Like window cleaning, sorting through the bookshelf or sorting away old junk mail which has been piling up on the office table. Or like making an evening walk, bike-tour or just sitting on the couch reading a good book. So it turned to be that it was my mobile phone which was robbing time from me!

A good reminder to perhaps every once in a while put the phone away, change it into silent mode, and just enjoy an evening without the phone.

Why not giving it a try? ;-)

And what happened to my smartphone? I got it back after two weeks, all fixed and shiny! And I have to admit, that after two weeks of radio silence, it felt nice to be online again… :-)