Aug 21

Stuck at home

The episode with the broken smartphone, part deux…

Now, the two weeks of radio silence that followed by having a broken smart phone was not the worst part of it all. During this time, I actually managed to misplace the phone’s memory card! No memory card means no contacts, no music, no photos – no nothing. Argh!

So I spent another week of trying to locate this tiny whiny memory card, looking through all the possible hiding places at home, hand bags (yes, I belong to the female cast which owns a few of them…), fridge, trash cans – my dear hubbie even volunteered to check through the hoover’s bag. Yikes! Nothing! And then yesterday, before leaving for our annual holiday, we emptied our holiday piggy bank, as we usually do before going on holiday. And guess if not the memory card was in there! No idea how it ended up in there, of all places! Cannot even blame the kids this time, because the piggy is so high up on a shelf that they can’t reach it…

Anyway, one of the first things I did after this happy re-union, was to do a backup of all data, and to switch on again my old ringing tone: Stuck At Home by The Noise Grinders. So now you know was music will play when you call me next time. ;-)

Happy holidays!